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Organization Name: Bounce Stapleton (website )

Contact Info:
Robin Riley (720) 460-0267

2501 Dallas Street Unit #118 Aurora, CO 80010


Bounce is a kids gymnastics studio located at the Stanley Market Place. We offer daily recreational gymnastics classes, open gym times, parkour classes, camps, and birthday parties. Our mission is to offer the best classes, taught by the best instructors, to the happiest students! We strive to create a community where everyone is able to have fun, feel confident, and accomplish their goals!

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Cancellation Policy

A non refundable deposit of $50 is required to reserve your son or daughters spot in the camp. Cancellations can be made up to 2 weeks prior to the start of camp session. All money will be refunded except the $50 deposit.

Liability Waiver

Parent/Guardian Consent to Medical Care If an emergency situation occurs, we will make every effort to contact the parents or guardian. Limited purpose power of attorney: Consent to treat a minor-I consent to any x-ray, examination, anesthetic, medical, or surgical diagnosis, or treatment and hospital care under the general or special supervision and upon the advice of or to be rendered by a physician and surgeon licensed under the Medical Practice Act for my child. This authority also extends to any x-ray examination, anesthetic, dental, or surgical diagnosis or treatment and hospital care by a dentist licensed under the Dental Practice Act of my child. I further agree to pay all charges for the dental, medical, or hospital care or treatment. I give permission/power to the Bounce staff to treat minor injuries and give medicine. Signature of parent or legal guardian_________________________________________________ Liability Release & Waiver I DO HEREBY ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY AND ALL DAMAGES, INJURIES (INCLUDING DEATH), OR LOSSES THAT MY CHILD MAY SUSTAIN OR INCUR, IF ANY, WHILE ATTENDING, PRACTICING, PARTICIPATING OR WITNESSING IN ANY PROGRAM, SPORT OR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY OCCURRING IN OR ABOUT THE BOUNCE PREMISES OR AT ANY OFF SITE LOCATION. I HEREBY ASSUME FULL RISK, WAIVE ALL CLAIMS AND RELEASE AND HOLD BOUNCE STAPLETON LLC, ITS INSTRUCTORS, OR PARTNERS OF SAID PROGRAM OR EVENT, INDIVIDUALLY OR OTHERWISE, HARMLESS FOR ANY AND ALL CLAIMS FOR INJURIES OR DAMAGES. I am fully aware and understand that BOUNCE STAPLETON LLC does not have, or employ or contract with any medical services, provisions for ordinary or emergency medical services. In consideration of my child’s participation in and the use of Bounce Stapleton LLC and Endorphin Fitness Centers, I hereby release and covenant not to sue Bounce Stapleton LLC or Endorphin Fitness Centers. I HAVE READ THE ABOVE RELEASE/WAIVER AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE GIVEN UP SUBSTANTIAL RIGHTS BY SIGNING THIS WAIVER VOLUNTARILY. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name Signature Date Bounce Field Trip Form Throughout the summer we will be taking various trips to a variety of parks in the neighborhood. All will be walking field trips that are close to Bounce facilities. I, ___________________ parent of _________________________ (child’s name) authorize consent for my child to walk with the Bounce Stapleton staff outside of the Stanley Marketplace. We will be utilizing the field on the South side of the Marketplace for team building games and sports related activities. *If your child is to receive any prescribed medications or over the counter preparations during the trip, the medication will be taken with the staff on the trip. Any other medication must be in original container with a signed medication card. ____________________________ ___________________ Signature Date

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